Get Well Soon EPK (film to be released 13th June 2012).

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Here’s the electronic press kit for the short I wrote ‘Get Well Soon’.

The film will be on-line on 13th June, 2012:

Clairvoyant Fortnight Video (Knifeworld).

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Taken from the Clairvoyant Fortnight EP, available from The Gene Pool.

Directed & edited by Michael Woodman.
Camera & additional SFX – Ashley Jones.

Mayors of Miyazaki – The Urban Bar, Whitechapel 09-03-2012

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Mayors of Miyazaki – The Urban Bar, Whitechapel 09-03-2012 from Michael Woodman on Vimeo.


I shot this with a Canon 550d, 50mm lens. Bottled it on the manual exposure control, (so it’s rather noisy), but it’s a great performance. Enjoy! Also, check out:

Eat Your Robot!

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A sinister new immersion composition supergroup featuring:

Mike Woodman (Thumpermonkey),
John Mackenzie (Godzilla Black / The Legion Of Doom),
Pablo Tato (Tinnitia, Psicotropia, Pillarcat),
Mike Hutchinson (Thumpermonkey / Olid / Todger).

I am lucky enough to have convinced this excellent group of musicians to learn and play a load of songs that I deliberately wrote very, very quickly. Imagine my surprise when they all said, “Yeah, that sounds alright, lets just play it as it is”.

The only failure here lies in the fact that I tried to write pop songs, but apparently 3 minute songs with a verse / chorus structure aren’t pop if the time signature keeps changing and the lyrics are all about goblins. I hope this tells you everything you need to know.

You can listen to a shonky bedroom demo of ‘Pickaxe’ here:

You can find out all about our first gig at the White Lion, Streatham here.

Pre-Order new Caretaker EP, (feat me on vox).

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I recently had the pleasure of recording vocals for a new track, ‘The Inexorable March’, on the upcoming Caretaker / Undersmile split EP. Pre-Order this at the Blindsight Records website.

‘Get Well Soon’ tickets on sale now.

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Get Well Soon‘ is finished!

The film has been sent out to loads of festivals, and I am busily trying to arrange screenings over the next few months. We can’t make it generally available for a while, (as this would make the film ineligible for certain festival submissions).

However, the first ‘public’ screening will be taking place in a cosy little 24 seater screening room in Balham – the Exhibit. I am hoping to do a couple of screenings that night. If you are keen on coming, please, please buy tickets now from Wegottickets:

  • Click here for 4.00pm screening – 24th July 2011
  • Click here for 5.00pm screening – 24th July 2011
We’ll also be screening ‘Golf With a Shotgun‘ which went to Cannes this year, directed by my friend Kristof Deak. In case you’ve somehow missed the trailers…they are here (golf) and here (get well soon).

‘Get Well Soon’ down the road from you!

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On 02nd of June, we had our cast / crew screening of ‘Get Well Soon’ at the Exhibit in Balham. It feels like we’ve been working on this thing for so long, it was great to finally get it on in front of an audience.

‘Get Well Soon’ has been submitted to numerous national and international festivals. In order to be eligible for many of these festivals, we can’t put the film up for download for a while – so we’re now keen to organise screenings. This is where YOU come in.

While we’ll be trying to get the film on at a variety of screening nights, please let us know if you are aware of any that are local to you, (or if you are even involved in screening short films yourself).

What better way of making sure that ‘Get Well Soon’ screens as close as possible to where you live.

Please do send on any links direct to me by email, and I’ll do my best to get it on at your local cinema / screening room / pub-w.-data-projector / warehouse or swimming pool.