‘Get Well Soon’ tickets on sale now.

Get Well Soon‘ is finished!

The film has been sent out to loads of festivals, and I am busily trying to arrange screenings over the next few months. We can’t make it generally available for a while, (as this would make the film ineligible for certain festival submissions).

However, the first ‘public’ screening will be taking place in a cosy little 24 seater screening room in Balham – the Exhibit. I am hoping to do a couple of screenings that night. If you are keen on coming, please, please buy tickets now from Wegottickets:

  • Click here for 4.00pm screening – 24th July 2011
  • Click here for 5.00pm screening – 24th July 2011
We’ll also be screening ‘Golf With a Shotgun‘ which went to Cannes this year, directed by my friend Kristof Deak. In case you’ve somehow missed the trailers…they are here (golf) and here (get well soon).

2 Responses to “‘Get Well Soon’ tickets on sale now.”

  1. Sounds very interesting!

    Note that this ‘get well soon’ link at the top of your article doesn’t work:


    However, this one further down does:


  2. Thanks for the heads up re the link!

    I’ll be sure to let you know when the full thing is made available online.

    Cheers, Michael

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