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Thumpermonkey Lives!

I have been the vocalist / guitarist in the heavy art-rock band,Thumpermonkey Lives! for 9 years. There are some great reviews of the latest album at Organ Magazine and Unpeeled, (for review links that have lapsed, full text appears here).

“…ideas way beyond their station: huge depth, big sound, immaculate arrangements, and a big, big voice.  It’s a lot of things, and greater than the sum of its parts: unashamed proper prog, lifted, by an avant sensibility, out of cheesy traps, yet swapping the harsher elements of experimental and avant rock for something more melodic, for refined guitars and real singing.”

Listen to / buy the new album here:

Earlier music is released through Tooting Bizarre: a netlabel / promotions coalition of musicians who play odd music in the south london area. The current album is released through Genin Records.

Here’s a selection of live video clips, and the music video I made for our song 419.


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